Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scarlett and Bart, First Part

Over a year ago, perhaps longer, I purchased a set of Schaller tuning machines on the web. They were red. Why not? The snowball started to roll, very slowly, and over the months there appeared a red tailpiece, some red knobs, little stuff. The tumbling and rumbling brought the parts together enough that we needed a name. Once chosen, it drove the project to a swift conclusion. Well, relatively swift. Ok, a loping conclusion. A shambling conclusion, that's spot on.
The challenge here was to create a set of two basses, black and red being the primary feature, but have them be more than display models. They should play, and well, and differently to boot. So Scarlett is a fretted B1 with all the bite and chomp in place. Her partner is a lined fretless. Mwah at your service, master. Both are premium material stock, Duncan single coil electronics, ready to be the center attraction of the back row.

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