Saturday, July 30, 2011

Here We Go Again: This one followed me home. Part 1.

I was on my morning walk late this week, and lo, here is this cute little number poised coyly at the curb. Without the sign, I would have looked carefully and continued on my way. But the sign, oh the sign. My heart flubbed a dub.

I came back an hour later and winched the little darlin' onto the truck and now I am flirting with Fleet Status.

She's pretty much toast, really, except for running gear. But that's a seductive blank canvas. Already there's a sketch on my desk of something that might resemble an army mule.

This comes at a particularly busy time. I think she will be reduced to usable components and salted away for a stormy fall weekend. Gentlemen, start your dismantling!

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Barkerbass said...

I sold it last weekend for $6.00 and kept the wheels and tires. Onward!