Friday, May 18, 2012

Lines About the Finish

Three B1 bodies in the finish room. I've softened the darkness of the color a little, bringing some reds to the mix. I like it, but I think I'll go a notch further next time.
These will get six or seven coats of waterborne polyurethane. Specifically, General Finishes Polyacrylic. I find it to be superior to any other WB poly I have tried. The real discovery, though, was the Gramercy waterborne finish brush, shown. It is a synthetic bristle that doesn't load up with moisture.
It's the best distribution I have ever experienced with a brush. The detail picture shows the bristles actually conforming to the curvature of the edge instead of scraping it, which is what stiffer bristled synthetic brushes do. Upon completion of the well-documented coats, these will sit for a week before final rubout. And then assembly. And then stringup. And then tuning and testing. But I get ahead of myself.

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