Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meet The Couple! Scarlett and Bart!

 Ever wanted a matched pair of Barker Basses?  Well, you're probably not the only one who hasn't had this thought.  Try it out.

The details:  Scarlett is a fretted four, (both are B1s).  That's a translucent red, so you see the grain of the cherry front quite readily, er, reddily.

Bart is a lined fretless.  The grain is present but it takes a little more attention to note it.  But with red strings and a red (RED!) tailpiece one can be forgiven for not noticing the other details. 

Both sport stock Duncan pickups.  Both give you the incredible sustain and the ergonomic joys of any other Barker Bass. 


A matched set.  His and hers?  Maybe your current gig has an array of styles that could benefit from your doubling with this pair.  Or you're in two bands with differing genres?

Perhaps you're a collector.  There will never be another pair like this, be assured. 

Their serial numbers are consecutive, of course:  She's 101, he's 102.

Contact Lee if you're interested in more information. 541.923.2571. 

Meantime, if you're wanting to experiment with the theme here, try this for your computer wallpaper.  And wonder who copied whom....

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Barker Basses in inventory, ready to find a new home

 Our first example is the value leader, as some folks call the, um, less expensive example of their products.  And this is.  And they're wonderful basses, if I do say so myself.  I own two Barkers, play both regularly, and one is a Brio. 

It's a stock instrument:  alder front and back, alder chambers, with a walnut/alder stripe on the front.  Four strings, frets, and our custom p-bass pickups.  Basic, reliable, fun to play, easy to handle.  The list price is $2595.  Street price $1995 plus shipping. 

And for something completely different (thank you, Monty) here is a B1four, the original Barker Bass, the one that brought the words "quality construction" (or equivalent) into all the early conversations.  Cherry front, alder back, alder chambers.  Side dots for subtle locators.  Strung up with LaBella black tapewounds.  Sweet and expressive.  List is $3895; street price $2995 plus shipping.  It could be on its way to you tomorrow.

There are two ways to pay for a Barker Bass:  Paypal or a check in the mail.  Either works fine. 

There will be more examples of in-stock basses appearing here regularly, plus updates on custom builds (just for variety).
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