Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From lawn mower to parade vehicle, part 3

"Final Shape" is a lovely phrase. It suggests an ending, but not quite. An accomplishment, but not a certificate. An idea realized but not completely released.

Such is the paractor. There is one essential element which is, at this writing, in the United States Postal Service and due to land at the end of the week. That installed, late next week no doubt, will be a ribbon on the package.

Meantime, we have "final shape." The machinery is operative, the main aesthetic details are in place, and when it is in the driveway, people walking and even driving by tend to stop.

Shown is the dashboard above. With everything irrelevant except the choke and the ignition switch, the space remains a blank canvas. Current dashboard component stock is in depletion because of completion of dashboards for Bjorn's Christmas gift and the Steampunk Master Control project at the library. We may hit the road with a blank instrument panel for the time being.

So, the only question to you is, what is clearly missing? And, as a hint, can fit in a small Priority box?

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