Thursday, June 23, 2011

From lawn mower to parade vehicle, part 2

In the next to topmost image you can see the BSA motorcycle muffler peeking out from the right running board. An afternoon in George Blackman's well-equipped welding heaven gave us the new header and nicely segmented chrome duct down to the silencer, which astute motorcyclist/hot rodder/Bonneville competitor Martin Doerfler called a "quietdowner raris." My neighbors would agree. Mothers grab their children and rush for the cellar when they hear me coming.

The hood and nose come from a vertical barbecue/smoker called the "Smoke'en Grill." (See above.)

The grille itself is from some cooking pot device, still marked "25c" from the thrift store where I scored it.

The chrome plate on the side of the airbox is functional--it, too, did culinary duty in the long ago, in this case as a cheese grater. Look at yours--it's just a bunch of louvers, right?

The faux radiator cap is yet to be painted, probably brass. It is designed to move about gently as the vehicle makes its leisurely way down the thoroughfare.

There, first articulated, is the aesthetic goal of this mechanical melange.

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