Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Paint-O-Rama

The real puzzle is how to say thank you. We knew this was going to happen. We were in on the planning and we made the final decision on the colors. What we didn't anticipate was the joy and the humbling nature of seeing our four kids, their three spouses (and all six grandchildren, to complete the tally) descend on our unsuspecting domicile and transform it in one day. LiAndra (Andi)and Patrick (Maya, Bjorn) worked all week on the prep, caulking, abrading, adding trim. Joe and Sarah (Lily, Juni) replaced funky fascia, deshrubbified the margins, scraped and scraped. Down came the gutters. Joel showed up from Portland, Pete and Kelley (Emily, Liam) from Sacramento. Saturday they started at 9 and by 6 or so it was done enough that, when Linda returned from work, She got the full force of the newness. It forces a neologism: chromablitz. The cousins played, the trimmers trimmed and the polemen were wholly rolling. If you really like the four color combination--the front door will be reddish and there will be some whimsy in the garage door panels--we will sell you the Sherwin Williams Product Numbers. But we're keeping the kids. And the granderkids.

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