Monday, January 12, 2009

Eight Minutes and Four Seconds of Fame

Oregon Public Broadcasting (Television): Oregon Art Beat. Each week the two hosts, KC Cowan and Jeff Douglas, profile three artists from our state. Last week was our turn. The clip lacks the hosts' introduction, but KC appears in the shop segment. And Wanda, our pound hound, does a little backside cameo.

Tell us what you learned, and didn't. Comments always appreciated.

Barker Bass on Oregon Art Beat


WalterDiamond said...

I had no idea Barker Basses are made in Oregon. What a treat! I enjoyed the show, even recorded it to show my bass playing friends.

I'd love to have one, but I don't play upright. *cough*


Barkerbass said...

WalterDiamond, you have my condolences, what with having bass playing friends and all.

What you also have is a delightful sense of humor, and that makes you welcome here anytime. Thank you for your comment.

It puts a sheen on the stumbling lumber of my prose.

High Desert Living said...

Hi, Lee,
I wrote to OPB/Oregon Art Beat some time ago suggesting they do a piece on you, but I never heard back except the usual "thank you for your input" form letter. I'm glad they made it! Unfortunately, I didn't catch it when it originally aired and have tried to watch it on the OPB site, but it keeps quitting after a minute or so. Maybe it's my signal, though I haven't had problems before... Hoping you'll post it on your site - maybe I'll have better luck there. In the meantime, I hope that you have had good response to the piece - you certainly deserve it!
I spoke to you at Santiago's once and used to go to your church.....