Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sale Bass Details and Mike Huckabee explainer

The details on the basses on sale:

Brio #12, fretted four, in lovely blue. List $2595; Street $1995. Sale: $1595

Brio #13, lined fretless four, java. LIst $2595; Street $2195. Sale: $1755

B1 #89, fretted four, dark walnut. List $3795; Street $2895. Sale: $2355

Price includes stand, stand bag and gig bag.

And--get this--shipping is FREE in the USA!

(International buyers will receive a $75 credit)

Now is a very good time to step up to one of these Barkers--it's fair to say you'll not see prices this low again.

Pay by credit card (MC or Visa) or Paypal. toll free: 888.899.8302

Now on to Mike Huckabee. The Governor of Arkansas will be in Central Oregon for the High Desert Men's Summit on September 13. He is the keynote speaker, and is also scheduled to play bass on a few tunes.

Bassist for the specially selected all-star local band is Craig Brown, who will be playing a Barker B1 5 string fretted for the two days of the event. Mike will be sitting in for Craig. So likely Mike will play a bass guitar (he usually plays a four string) but he will see and hear the Barker there.

The Barker shop (factory and office) is about a mile from the event.

Now it is my job, as creator, luthier, promoter and general Idea Guy to figure out how to get to the point where stopping at Barker Bass is a Must Do for the Governor of Arkansas.

Your ideas and input are graciously invited!


Tom said...

Somehow you need to get a photo of Huckabee with your Barker, even if he is just checking it out, then get the photo on your website.

Barkerbass said...

Yeah, and I haven't quite figured that out yet. I also want to get video of Craig playing in that venue. I am optimistic!

Tom said...

By "Craig" you mean Craig Brown, right? Not former Idaho Senator Larry Craig, right?

'Cause if Huckabee won't be the only politician present at the men's summit, you might want to give Mr. Craig plenty of room.

Okay, enough potty talk....

Why not contact Huckabee's people and let them know you are an Oregon based bass maker whose bass will be featured and played by Craig Brown.

You could let them know that you could have a 4 string Barker bass there for Mr. Huckabee, and ask if he has a preference for string type... and just set up in advance that he'll play a Barker.

Mike, I'm sure, would like to make friends everywhere including Oregon, and playing a local luthier's bass is a good way to do that.

I bet he'd do it.